A keen eye for movement and character has made creatures, animals, and non-human characters my specialty, with an emphasis on distinctive physicalities and a clear inner life.


BBC Radio 1 Next Big Thing

BBC Radio 1’s Next Big Thing

Zak from Zingzillas

Zak from CBeebies Series ‘Zingzillas’

Fantastical worlds have always been a major interest and source of inspiration –
beginning with my discovery of Asimov’s short stories and early Spielberg films.
Having travelled extensively around the globe has furthered this interest in
exploring cultures from the perspective of an outsider – a recurring theme in sci-fi and fantasy. This interest in understanding alternative perspectives and realities led me to train as an actor – learning to create characters living different lives.

Not satisfied with portraying the day-to-day realities of ‘normal’ existence, I’ve specialised in bringing to life non-human characters, from lizards to gorillas, wolves and aliens. A keen eye for movement and character has led to an emphasis on creating distinctive physicalities and a clear inner life for each role.

A US citizen currently resident in the UK, I am available to work in both countries.

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